Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Well, here we are in Lincoln, the kids, the dogs and I.  On our jolly holidays.  Only for 3 days because - well, you know - there'd be little point in reckless extravagance or unlimited enjoyment!

I have been playing with needles.  The cathartic potential of stabbing things for hours and hours, and coming out of it with a beautiful result, has recently occurred to me.  So I've been needle felting.  This is my first attempt at 'flying solo' - not a bad thing, but it could have done with a little more thinking through before hand - the design would have been better on the diagonal and the whole thing would be more useful if it were a little bit bigger.  As it is, it's an iPhone cover...

I've also been to the Festival of Quilts which was stunningly beautiful.  Some really inspiring work, there.  My particular favourites were an incredibly intricate mosaic quilt of a woman draped in a red fabric.  She was made up of tiny (3/4cm?) mosaic squares, each individually stitched on - presumably must have been bonded with something first, but it's not evident what, as all the edges were free... just a stunning piece of work!  And then the phoenix quilt, which was a beautiful blend of colour and technical skill.  The feathers are so beautifully quilted, and the tail and wings have little fiery trails of embroidery spinning out of them.  I came away feeling inspired and inadequate, in equal parts!  But, I bought a new sewing machine, so perhaps the inspiration will win out...!

And now we're at Mum's, eating and walking and doing not much.  In fact, I should go and chivvy the troops out of bed.  We're going to take a quick tour of the cathedral this morning, before bundling into the car and heading home for a visit from Dad and stepmother, tomorrow.

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