Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Obviously, I haven't died.  I'd have told you anything that exciting!  I am just, as ever, ill disciplined...

Where to start?  Hasn't the weather been glorious?!

It's been a busy time; I'm planning a restructure of two of my teams at work, which will begin next week, so large chunks of time have been spent thinking about team structures and roles and individuals and pulling together a business plan and a communication plan.  But that's there, or thereabouts, now.  The senior officers' team had a very useful awayday in Buckinghamshire recently.  Well, two days, divided by a really good meal and a wine tasting.  Was nice to spend some time with the rest of them, and I'm finally beginning to feel that I can offer my opinion without worrying whether I'm just being collossally stupid!

This morning, joy of joys, I'm off to Coventry for a speed awareness course.  Which will, I'm sure, be a useful and informative way to spend 4 hours, and not at all an extremely onerous way of avoiding points on my licence.  I question the wisdom of opting for this, actually, since I've just sold my car and aim to make do with the train and the bike for as long as I possibly can... but there you are.  There's probably a principle at stake somewhere.